PACIFIC BLUE SEA SALT-This classy pure white dead sea salt comes from the Pacific ocean. These salts are infused with activated and infused with minerals which we have combined with Mediterranean blend as well with epsom salt to help to increase blood circulation. This luxurious bath salts are designed to holistically nourish body and mind. Tangerine Sage Dead Sea Bath Salt is fresh, crisp and tangy experience. This combination is a sensation to your senses; the tangerine works as a therapeutic mood elevator, restoring feelings of happiness and well being that will last long after bath time. Combined with the soothing relief of sage and Dead Sea bath salt, this therapeutic blend delivers glowing, radiant skin, along with a renewed, vibrant state of mind. Sage has long been valued in traditional medicine to treat a wide range of ailments. Your skin with thank you!

ESSENTIAL OIL: Tangerine & Sage


You can’t go wrong not matter which one you choose. So, try them all!


ALLERGENS: This salt does not contain any known allergens or specific components, and is suitable for the following diets: Vegetarian, Vegan, Lactose Free, & Gluten Free. Salt does not contain melamine.

GMO DECLARATION: This salt is not genetically modified, nor does it contain genetically modified organisms (GMO) or their derivatives and genetic engineering is not applied during the production process. This blend we have combined essential oils of Neroli and special blend of Epsom Salt & Magnesium Flakes.

16 oz. jar

SALTZ-Island Series-Pacific Shores