• PREMIUM THERAPEUTIC GRADE PATCHOULI OIL: - Patchouli Oil is obtained by steam distilled extraction. It is 100% Pure & Natural and Authentic. Our Patchouli Oil is not tested on Animals. 
  • AMAZING SOOTHING ESSENTIAL OIL: The soothing scent of Patchouli oil makes it amazing for aromatherapy that soothes your body & uplifts your mood throughout your daily work routine. It has strong and calming aroma that makes you feel relaxed and collected when used in massage during stressful moments.
  • PERFECT ESSENTIAL OIL FOR SKIN: Patchouli Oil is considered to be rich in essential components that are incredibly beneficial for your skin that improves skin health & nourishment. Patchouli essential oil is suitable for all skin types especially for dry skin. When masaged regularly, the scent helps in relaxation and helps in mental clarity.
  • NUMBER OF USES OF PATCHOULI OIL: Steam Distilled Patchouli oil is known for its nourishing properties and is an excellent choice for skin & hair when you apply it topically with mixing them with carrier oil. Because of its therapeutic properties the oil is used in the making of beauty products like moisturizer creams, body lotions, lip balms, massage oils, perfumes, hair conditioners and soap making.

OILZ-Patchouli Essential Oil